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Vote Today, May 22 2018

Request a yard sign!

Fill out this web form with at least your name and address and we can have a yard sign delivered by a volunteer.  Our standard size is perfect for showing your support and helping us get Brent’s name out.





We’re looking for Volunteers!

We’re looking for volunteers interested in helping the campaign. We’re calling voters, visiting neighbors and delivering signs now. If you’re interested in helping change the Louisville community contact us through email or our Facebook page.

New: Sample Ballot Available

We have a sample ballot now available that includes all city-wide offices in Louisville Metro Louisville. You can download and print the ballot from our site at https://www.ackerson2018.com/metro-louisville-sample-ballot-2018/

There are some additional council district seats for about half of the city.

Want to show your support for Brent Ackerson?

Requesting a yard sign is both the easiest and an important way you can support Brent Ackerson for Jefferson County Attorney.  Simply fill out the request here at Yard Sign Request.

Brent Ackerson for Jefferson County Attorney

This site hosts several community sites. The community sites are intended to accomplish:

  • Provide information to the community from the campaign
  • Allow supporters to communicate and organize for Brent Ackerson for Jefferson County Attorney
  • Facilitate feedback from supporters to the campaign

Current Communities:

Women.forBrent.com  40216.forBrent.com  Highlands.forBrent.com

lgbtq.forbrent.com   shively.forbrent.com labor.forbrent.com

Request a Community:

The campaign welcomes supporters in Louisville from all communities. If you would like to suggest a community please complete the following form.